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Patricia Paice
United Kingdom
Dear Princess Luna,

I'm a pegasus princess from Equestria's brother kingdom, which I rule alongside my unicorn husband, my eldest daughter, the pegasus Stellata, and her alicorn husband; also my younger brother.

I'm part artist and part writer. I am currently in my first year of university, doing a degree in Equine Science at Reaseheath in.

My special somepony would rather not be named, but his mlp OC goes by the name of Arcane Caster, and in our RP world we are married (We have yet to meet in reality, though. We're working on that).

My icon has been generously made by ~sparkle-bubba
She's an amazing MLP: FiM artist so go and check her out.

Your faithful student,
Princess Moonshine Caster

  • Mood: Flirty
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: the facebook chat between me and my boyfriend. :)
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
This is something I've thought about doing for a while now and have only just got around to actually doing. It's not completely a joke but at the same time it's not completely serious either; it's just something i descided to do out of boredom and lack of social interaction on my deviantART page (sowwy btw). anyways, here's a list of reasons why i should probably not be married. :)

1. I'm lazy. My idea of a good time usually just involves home evtertainment and i'm not always one for social interaction.

2. I can just about iron clothes.

3. I'm not much of a cook. I only really have a handful rice recipies and one pasta recipie in my head and i still get them wrong sometimes.

4. I can hardly deal with somebody else's kids, let alone my own...if we ever get that far.

5. I'm nowhere near what people would call "slim"...i'm about 12.5 stone and most of that's in the thighs.

6. I'm tired everytime i wake up and everytime i go to bed. that's hardly a basis for a good marital situation.

7. I can get very awkward around humans I don't know that i'm expected to interact with in some way...except at convensions, they usually soften the blow.

8. If we're having a nice meal i'll most likely not do any talking as i'll be too focused on eating the meal. I am the worst at active conversation.

9. I've kinda developed a phobia of driving cars. blame those safety film things where they show you a graphic accident and you either have to leave or look away. It's going to be public transport for the most part with me until I manages cars.

10. ...I don't know where my brain files most of my emotions. I think it's my autism playing tricks on me but I genuinly feel that sometimes I lack all emotion.

Well, that's my ten. Those of you who want to do something similar, go ahead; so long as it's in good fun. If you want to do it with one of your alter egos that lives inside your head and festers on your innermost thoughts, even better. something for me to smile at. :)

interpret this any way you will, i do not care. just don't take it all the wrong way. besides, i have a boyfriend.

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hi there.
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i'm good...doing and Equine degree at university.
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